Capitol Offense 2011

Cobra Kai race wagon on track

I think I stand in good company amongst LeMons race in being very happy just to be at the racetrack.  The camaraderie of crapcan racing makes for a wonderful atmosphere, and the competition is a great side benefit those of us who get fired up by the prospect of winning (or rather, beating everyone else).  That’s why it is so easy to be absolutely ecstatic that we ended up 44th our out of 102 cars at the 2011 Capitol Offense race.

Test & Tune

On Friday, we ran our car in the test day—the first time that the car had seen any racetrack and the first time three of the drivers had seen this circuit.  Everything went superbly on track, we got through tech & bullshit inspection without issue, and had a great day overall.  But the race wagon was certainly showing it’s wagonness around track, as Volvos are certainly not light.  The endless desire for more speed prompted an intense car stripping session that evening: our wagon arrived at the track with windows, a rear hatch, and an exhaust.  By the end of Friday, it was a a much leaner machine and also featured some sweet brake ducts made from house clothes dryer vents.

Snoopy & Woodstock cars

The Race

I took the first stint, hoping to use my experience at LeMons racing and knowledge of the circuit from prior track days to keep us out of trouble.  While I managed to keep the our wagon from getting physical with anything else on track, I did garner a couple of black flags.  It would become apparent that some of the flaggers were less than enthusiastic with their yellow displays, leaving a number of us with questionable passing-under-yellow penalties.  After we made it through a full rotation of drivers, everyone was on the same page: the driver changes got faster and the whole team started to get into the racing spirit  We started paying attention to the standings, deciding which cars it was reasonable to target getting ahead of.  While our race wagon wasn’t a screamer on track, with efficient stops and clean driving we made our way up the order.


We ended up 44th out of 108 entrants which is a damn fine result for a bunch of new drivers in a new car.  Our excitement was doubled when the ward for Index of Effluency, the crappiest car that did the most laps (often called The Real Winner) was the Volvochero team in their 1994 240.  While our car is a bit bigger in all dimensions, seeing such a similar vehicle win the award that we’re all really racing for left us all excited for our next race.

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