More Painting

Will doing some intense painting:

painting cobra on hood

One of the required safety things is having tow locations marked with the word “TOW”. We figured the rear was obvious enough that the car’s native language would be acceptable:


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Getting Numbered

Will’s idea for painting details on the car: project & trace.

Cobr Kai license plate

We’re going to have some really sweet details by the end of the day.

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Crapcan Car Work is Different

Most car folks would be appalled to see tools of any sort on a car’s paint, an abrasive wire wheel being the most egregious.

Cobr Kai license plate

The thing about the 24 Hours of LeMons is that pretty cars don’t play into it. Sure, themes are some great themes, but shiny doesn’t really play into them. Well, there is at least on exception. If you think we’re cavalier with our car’s exterior, check out this team:
Undercar Wrenching LeMons style

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Cobra Kai

Our first pivot involves a name change for the team—we are Cobra Kai

Cobr Kai license plate

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A motorcycle route: MD and VA, NW of DC

Looking for a nice morning motorcycle route accessible from DC, that you can change up for all kinds of different lengths?  Here’s a suggestion…

Via Will, more about it…

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Blogs about motorcycles

Some of us have motorcycles.  Here are a couple of blogs we like to look at, and sometimes even read.  Not your typical “cruiser or sportbike” fare — all highly recommended.

Hell For Leather

Great overall coverage of all things bike (best available in our HO).


Customs, customs, and more customs — pretty pictures of ’em every day.

The Selvedge Yard (and its companion, Natural Born World Shakers)

The Selvedge Yard

Something of a style blog, but oh what a style.


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The Motor Club in the Washington Post

Oh yeah, there was a thing in the Post about the club last week.  Well, sort of about the Lemons thing specifically, with Charlie, Drew, Stewart and I. Promise, its not all just a recruiting stunt.  But hey, if that works for ya.

CS Motor Club in the Washington Post

Here’s the story


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Like all good and mildly obnoxious motoring club logos, you gotta have it on your bike.

Clearspring Motor Club logo on Will's bike

Clearspring Motor Club logo on Will's bike


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Golf Tee

A golf tee is the preferred way to plug an unused vacuum line.

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Welding time

Since we are going to weld our own roll cage, we first had to buy a welder.  This Miller 211 came from a local welding supply, along with a mask, and a tank of gas.  Things are starting to get real.

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