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The Volvo’s dashboard was once a problem. Most problems can be solved by grinding.

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A kill switch: don’t leave home without it


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Why we are doing Lemons…


Pretty much sums it up.

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The Lemons adventure begins

We’ve done it — thanks to a love of car hackery, and with the fortunate experience of Drew to help guide us, we’re entering a team in the 24 Hour of Lemons race.

For the unawares, the story is:

  • You buy a car for less than $500
  • You trick it out with race kit and some sort of a “theme”
  • You race it against other similarly distractable people
  • Fun and profit

The team is Drew, Charlie, Stewart, and Will. We are DOS Boot; more on that later.

So we got the first step down, which is to get a car.  A ’94 Volvo 940 wagon, purchased by Drew and Charlie one evening from a pleasant family man who seemingly just felt bad driving it off a cliff even though it was a fairly high-functioning vehicle. It won’t be fast, but remember, reliability is an asset in this kind of racing too. Its a beauty.


Here she is before and during step 1, stripping it down.  Nice lines:

114 raging horsepower in here:

Stripping a car goes pretty fast with three people:


It even had a sweet jump seat. You know, for kids!


Next up, the roll cage…

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The Racing School

We need to organize an event someday with The Racing School — driving around the Richmond track, at speed, alone in our cars.  


Check out Will’s trip, he liked it.  They do group events…


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Team Clearspring at the GACDC kart grand prix

For DC-area geeks, the Geeks Adventure Club of DC is wicked. Here’s some video from the Kart Grand Prix at Allsports GP they organized this winter. Team Clearspring was out in force — me, Charlie, Drew, Stewart, and Mike — and did the team proud. Thanks again Corey and Antoine, and everyone for racing.

Here’s some video of the race most of us were in (the one with the faster qualifiers) from Stewart’s helmet cam (a Countour HD). I’m in the #2 kart; he’s chasing me.

And yes, I beat Stewart, which was a rare and truly exciting event. He continues to pretend it didn’t happen.

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Winter donuts

Being slightly irresponsible:

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